Albert King — Truckload of Lovin’

As I said last time, I only had a handful of Albert King songs until pretty recently. I picked this one up on my first trip to Siren Records back in February 2020, just before the world went insane. They had some formidable blues records and I should have bought them all. I would have, had I known how long it would be before I’d get back there.

Albert King's "Truckload of Lovin'" front cover
Albert King’s “Truckload of Lovin'” front cover by design icon Milton Glaser. Apparently Glaser is credited with hundreds of covers.

This was there, at a ridiculously low price, and despite how very ’70s it looked, or maybe because of it. It turns out there was a reason for that – this cover is by design legend Milton Glaser, who apparently did hundreds of album covers. $3.99 for this gem! I didn’t complain, even though I also have a commercial theory that I should only ever have to pay the lowest sticker price on the cover, and that big yellow sticker couldn’t be any clearer.

This doesn’t feature a single song written by Albert King, and the sound has a little soul disco tinge that isn’t much of a surprise given that it came out in 1976, but it’s a real solid album.

Albert King's "Truckload of Lovin'" back cover
Albert King’s “Truckload of Lovin'” back cover – in 1976, the add-on “STEREO” sticker in the upper left corner was superfluous at best.
Utopia Records label for Truckload of Lovin'
Utopia Records label for Truckload of Lovin’. I’d never heard of the Utopia label, and it turns out that’s because it hardly put out any records.

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