Blondie – Autoamerican

Okay, I just listened to this for this project. Somebody owes me.

AutoAmerican front cover
AutoAmerican front cover

With this 1980 release, the band got experimental, branched out, tried new things. That’s fine, and I strongly encourage it. But that doesn’t mean I’m always gonna like it, and in this case, boy do I not.

It starts out orchestral, which is pleasant but so far from what I think of as Blondie. This isn’t the ’60s, and going orchestral isn’t part of the new wave narrative. Their cover of “The Tide Is High” is a horrible earworm that I could do without having heard, and their venture into rap, “Rapture,” is pure nonsense, but not the fun kind. It seems like it should fit in with their sci-fi type of songs from their first two albums, but somehow it just doesn’t work for me. And as for the rest of the songs — well, I’m listening to it right now, and I’m forgetting them as they play. It closes with a show tune by Lerner and Loewe. Despite my opinion, this went platinum and hit #7 in the US, and scored #25 on the R&B charts. But I’m not even really clear why I have this, other than my need to be a completist. Don’t remember when I got it, though it was probably well after 1980, likely 1982 or so. Hope I didn’t pay anything for it.

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