Bronski Beat with Marc Almond – I Feel Love

If I’m doing this strictly in chronological order, then the next disc up is a 12” single by Bronski Beat, with Marc Almond. This just shows how much of a fanboy, or perhaps just a completist, I was at the time, because this is not my cup of tea. This is . . . well, this is disco. Titled “I Feel Love” on the jacket, what’s inside is a medley of “I Feel Love / Love To Love You Baby / Johnny Remember Me.” Yes, at its heart, this is a cover of a song made famous by Donna Summer. I’m sure it’s fine, but honestly, dance tracks are simply not my thing. Own it I do, nevertheless, because it said “Marc Almond” on the cover. That’s how bad I had it.

The A side, “The Source Mix,” is 10:10. The B side, “The Cake Mix,” only clocks in at 8:20. I’ll stick to the B side, if I have to listen to it at all. I’m categorizing this as “dance,” but believe me, that’s barely a euphemism for “disco.”

I file this under Marc Almond, because why else would I even have it? You don’t get to question my alphabetization decisions.

Bronski Beat with Marc Almond Label
Bronski Beat with Marc Almond Label – They didn’t even get a custom label! All the Marc material on Some Bizarre had custom labels!

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