Country Joe McDonald — Hold On It’s Coming

Going through the bins at the Forever Changes pop-up, and what the hell is this? A Country Joe record I’ve never seen before? Indeed. At first I thought it was a movie soundtrack – entirely possible as we had just run across a very forgettable performance by Country Joe and the Fish in a similarly forgettable Roger Corman movie called “Gas-s-s-s” (featuring baby Ben Vereen and baby Cindy Williams). But no, it’s just one of those ’70s things that looks like a movie soundtrack. In a sense, it didn’t matter, it was from 1971, after the original band had come apart and the attempt to reconstitute it hadn’t amounted to much.

The good news is this is a pretty good Country Joe album – no surprises, but much more solid than C.J. Fish was. It’s got some blues, rock, folk rock — just what you’d expect. A very pleasant listen, in fact. He does make the odd choice to open and close the album with the title song, and the versions aren’t terribly different, to be honest. Not entirely sure it needed a reprise, but it’s fine. Overall, quite a nice little record.

Country Joe McDonald solo front cover
Country Joe McDonald solo front cover – I honestly thought this was an indie film soundtrack, having just seen the band in another low budget feature.
Country Joe McDonald solo back cover
Country Joe McDonald solo back cover

Originally published 4-17-21

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