Fanny — Mothers Pride

As I said last time, this is a new acquisition, and my love of Fanny is nearly as new, but man do I love this band. For this 1973 release, their fourth and last as a band, they left their previous producer and chose to have Todd Rundgren produce. I’m not particularly a Rundgren fan though I recognize his talents and his bona fides, though it appears that as a producer, he doesn’t take the collaborative approach. That, along with the tensions that were surrounding Fanny at the time lead to this being . . . a good record. Not as consistently, joyously fantastic as their previous three, and featuring more production tricks, but still, pretty good. Glad I found it, though it will always be the fourth Fanny record I play. In just four records, they really produced some of the best rock of the early ’70s.

Mothers Pride front cover
I’d like to invoke the rule whereby I only have to pay the lowest sticker price, please.
Mothers Pride back cover
Mothers Pride back cover
Mothers Pride label
Mothers Pride promotional copy label

Originally posted 11-7-2020

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