Fingerprintz — Dancing With Myself 12”

Dancing With Myself front cover
Dancing With Myself front cover – all that post-punk new wave energy, right where it belongs. God, this is SO much what that era felt like. Jumpy, skinny-tied nervous energy.

Admittedly, it’s a little weird to be covering a 12” single before I’ve gotten to a band’s album, but in this case, this single by Fingerprintz was released about nine months before their first album. None of these songs appear on “The Very Dab,” nor do they seem to have anything to do with it. In fact, by the time the album came out in September of 1979, the singer from this single, Step Lang, was gone.

While this came out in 1979, I didn’t discover Fingerprintz or this record until 1982 (which we’ll get to).

“Dancing With Myself” predates a much more famous song by the same name, and is, in my opinion, vastly superior. The songs on the flip side, “Sean’s New Shoes” and “Sync Unit,” are fun bits of new wave post-punk that only hint at the grooves that are to come from this band. The cover is exciting, and the disc is green, as advertised by my favorite record sticker ever: “It’s not the colour of the record that matters, it’s the colour of your money that counts see Greenie enclosed”

Dancing With Myself coloured vinyl sticker
Dancing With Myself coloured vinyl sticker
The greenie!
Is a greenie all right!
Dancing with Myself back cover
Dancing with Myself back cover

More on Fingerprintz next time.

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