Gruppo Sportivo — Copy Copy

This release from 1980 features the most perfectly ’80s graphics of any album I own — this is precisely what the ’80s looked like, kids. Retro-futuristic and stylin’.

Copy Copy front cover
Copy Copy front cover – To me this is possibly the most ’80s record cover ever.

It’s also a return to the band after Hans Vandenburg released his solo “Buddy Odor Is A Gas,” and it’s just a much more satisfying album, more like the various versions of “Mistakes.”

it starts out with a song referencing unfortunately. still-current events: “I don’t want no war, I don’t want no gun, I don’t want to die in Afghanistan.”

Relatable lyrics in “I Did It All For You”: “So I became a mod / that might sound easy but it’s not / the skank was hard to do / but I did it all for you.”

And there’s a great song “Watch Your Boy,” about what happens if your boyfriend joins a band: “Now he’s doing a world tour and his own TV show.”

I got this around the same time I found my copies of “Mistakes” and “10 Mistakes,” though it never got the same amount of play. But it’s very solid in the same vein.

Copy Copy back cover
Copy Copy back cover
Copy Copy label
Copy Copy label

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