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A 2021 release, y’all! I don’t live entirely in the past!

Back at the beginning of 2018, our local coffeehouse was gonna be hosting a show by a duo called Rachael and Vilray, and the owner asked me if I wanted to get tickets just before they went on sale. I gave him a blank look, and he explained that Rachael was Rachael Price from Lake Street Dive. And I gave him another look. I had no idea who she was or who they were. So I passed. I passed on a show to which another fan literally begged to bus tables in order to get to attend.

I was clueless, and so missed what I’m sure was an epic show. But that of course did trigger my curiosity, and I started to check out Lake Street Dive on YouTube, and was floored. Such a gorgeous synthesis of jazzy soul, with incredible musicians and a fantastic vocalist. (My repeated listenings to Rachael’s cover of “Can’t Find My Way Home” suggests to YouTube’s algorithm that that’s about the only song I ever want to hear, apparently.)

Lake Street Dive Obviously front cover
Lake Street Dive Obviously cover – ugh, this design does not work for me. I’m sure the designer was trying to play on the title, presenting the band in an “obviously” fake setting, but it’s just not attractive.

So I’ve followed Lake Street Dive on YouTube for a couple of years, and when their latest album, “Obviously,” was released earlier this year, I jumped on the chance to get it on vinyl. While it’s a bit adjacent to my current (recurrent) blues and soul fixations, its light soul and soft beats make it a real easy album to listen to . . . one that’s perfect for Sunday morning coffee listening, we’ve found.

Check out their video for “Hypotheticals”:

Now if Rachael Price would just find her way back to Phoenixville .

Obviously white vinyl
Obviously white vinyl

Originally published 8-16-21

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