Pearl Harbour — Don’t Follow Me, I’m Lost Too

To my taste, this second record from Pearl Harbour (who explains that her British label changed the spelling of her name) is much more enjoyable than her debut, settling much more comfortably into a retro, rockabilly sound that was suited to her voice.

Pearl Harbour front cover
Different band, new spelling, new direction – Pearl Harbour’s second record.

This record was released in 1980, less than a year after her band’s release. Apparently tensions in a world tour where they were opening up for The Talking Heads, and Pearl’s desire to go more rockabilly, broke up the band. The result here is a bunch of fun tracks in the original rock/rockabilly vein (with some girl group sounds built in) that made their way onto several cassettes back in the day, and it’s still a pretty listenable album.

I found a great interview with Pearl, giving her whole history , how the band came to be and then not be, connecting with The Clash, and more. She sounds like she remains a character.

The price sticker on this one baffles me – I must have picked it up somewhere unusual, because that’s not from any of the Syracuse used record stores I frequented. And by “frequented,” I mean “lived in to avoid reality.”

Pearl Harbour back cover
Pearl Harbour back cover – this is as cool as it gets.
Pearl Harbour label and plastic sleeve
Pearl Harbour label and plastic sleeve

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