Peter Zaremba’s Love Delegation — Spread The Word

I’m not sure what engendered this 1986 side project by The Fleshtones’ Peter Zaremba, a mix of Zaremba-penned originals and covers like “After Midnight” and “Save Me.” When I borrowed my friend Dan’s Fleshtones records to put on tape back in ’89, I only included one track from this disc, so I never remembered anything more than “Love Delegation.” About 4 years ago I was browsing at The River Street Beat Shop in Troy, one of my favorite used record stores that, unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), is a long way away. I believe the owner knows the band (as I said, there’s a Troy connection), so it was no surprise but a pleasure to find a sealed copy of “Spread The Word” (marked with a little sticker emphasizing “Fleshtones”). The owner threw in a window poster for their then-upcoming 2016 appearance at The Hanger for a release party for their CD “The Band Drinks For Free.” As the poster indicates, this was their 40th anniversary tour, and they’re still going strong.

Love Delegation front cover
Could there be a more appropriate cover for a band called “Love Delegation”?
Spread the Word back cover
Spread the Word back cover identifies the Delegates, which included fellow Fleshtones Bill Milhizer and Keith Streng, and Smithereen Pat DiNizio.
Celluloid Records promo sleeve
Celluloid Records promo sleeve 2
Moving Target record label
Moving Target record label
Fleshtones 40th Anniversary Tour, 2016
Fleshtones 40th Anniversary Tour, 2016

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