The Beatles – Hey Jude

Oh, did I think we were going to roll from “Abbey Road” right into “Let It Be”? No. In a strict chronology, the album that was released after “Abbey Road” was this compilation, titled “Hey Jude.” This album falls in with the others that I bought ONLY because I needed to put all their songs on tape, but there were some songs I just didn’t own. If I’d had the Red or Blue albums, I’d probably not have needed to get this, but I didn’t, so I did. I bought it, recorded it, and put it away. It’s a collection of songs that were left off of other American releases. Other than the Blue album, there was no way to get “Hey Jude” on an album; same for “Lady Madonna” and “The Ballad of John and Yoko.”

Hey Jude front cover
Hey Jude front cover

This compilation was released in February 1970, five months after “Abbey Road” came out, and just a bit more than two months before “Let It Be.”

Needed this when I was putting all of The Beatles on tape around 1985. This is a 1984 release. Bought it, taped it, put it away.

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