The Church — Remote Luxury LP

So — this cover looks familiar, if you saw my last entry about The Church’s “Persia” EP. Clearly same model, same shoot, same feeling — spooky bride of death or something along those lines. And the title is also familiar, since it’s the same as was used on an earlier EP. This album, released everywhere but Australia and New Zealand in October 1984, is quite simply a mashing together of the “Remote Luxury” and “Persia” EPs from earlier in the year. Did I know that when I bought it? I am not sure. Would I have cared? Probably not. I’m sure I bought this as soon as I got it, but will admit I’ve always been a little confused that it has the title of one and the cover art (ish) of another. And I’ll admit, it’s a little easier to play these songs across two sides than four.

Remote Luxury second version
I’d love the mood of this shot more if there weren’t a giant branch in between me and the mood

My copy is a promo copy, but the colored sticker would seem to indicate that I got this at Modern Records in Syracuse, which used a complicated (to the colorblind) system of colored dots to denote price.

Remote Luxury second version
Back cover band portraits

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