The Church – Seance

Relistening to this album from 1983 and having the same impression of it that I always have. It’s The Church, and I love The Church. And it has a great atmosphere, and yet – I can never really remember any of the songs on it. All the songs are good, there’s that great ethereal feeling, and yet, when I come away, none of the tracks really stand out in memory. Perfectly pleasant listen, but it’s not “The Blurred Crusade” or “Sing-Songs.”

Seance cover
A great cover for a not-particularly great album

My version is Australian and, as I mentioned, I think I got all these Church imports at the student-run record store at Syracuse University, Spectrum Records. I snapped this up as soon as it came out, for certain.

I hate to have so little to say about a record by one of my favorite bands of all time but . . . this just isn’t their best record.

Seance back cover
Seance back cover

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