The Church – Sing-Songs EP

This 12″ EP came out in 1982, though my version is apparently from the UK in 1983; it only saw release in The Church’s native Australia, and New Zealand and the UK. If there had been room for any doubt in my mind about how much I loved The Church, this EP would have swept that away.

Sing-Songs EP front cover
From 1982, Sing-Songs, a 5-song 12″ EP

Of course there was no such doubt. But these songs are lovely, atmospheric, dreamy. “Ancient History” is one of my all-time favorite Church songs. (But just try to search for “the church ancient history” — you shan’t turn up music videos.

In addition to four super-solid originals by The Church, they do the only remake of “I Am A Rock” that I will ever consider to be valid. Happily, that can be found on YouTube:

The Church absolutely nail “I Am A Rock”
Sing-Songs EP back cover
Handwritten (scrawled) lyrics and credits were very 1982.

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