The Creeps — Enjoy The Creeps

The Creeps -- Enjoy The Creeps
Enjoy The Creeps — and indeed, I shall.

This was actually the first record by the Creeps, from 1986. After discovering “Now Dig This!” back in February, I knew I had seen another Creeps record in that magical bin of ’80s wonders that Deep Groove Records had set out like bait for our group of vinyl-hungry mice. As soon as I spun “Now Dig This!” I had gathering anxiety about getting back to the store to grab “Enjoy the Creeps.” Even though I thought the odds that someone else would snatch Swedish soul from underneath me, it was a chance I could not take, so as soon as the store’s schedule and mine lined up again, I was down there, burrowing through the bin, looking for more of this sweet Swedish organ-based post-punk semi-funk (sometimes jazzy) garage pop rock. Mirabile dictu, no one had beaten me to it! So now, it is mine. Mine, I tell you! Just as much fun as its follow-up was.

Their sound is a little hard to explain — it’s like they’re trying to copy the white American bands’ version of the white English bands’ version of the original black rhythm and blues and soul. And then they somehow make it their own, and do it well. This is super fun, and another great cover that absolutely says “buy me, CJ, buy me!”

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