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Again, coming very, very late to Hot Tuna. I will never be able to say what Jorma Kaukonen’s Quarantine Concerts at his Fur Peace Ranch have meant to us in terms of getting through the pandemic. Each week, our friends Shawn and Anna put on a show and fundraiser meant primarily for friends, so it’s a little virtual gathering in the YouTube comments, which is so very much needed. And when they’ve done their little bit for our souls, we go over to Jorma’s livestream and soak up some more. It’s wonderful, and they’re all still up there on YouTube, with just a few more in the series remaining.

So in my catch-up with Hot Tuna, here’s another I picked up a couple of months back at Shady Dog Records in Berwyn. This one’s from 1975, in a clever package made to look like a detergent box. This was their fifth album, and their first with a new drummer, Bob Steeler, and a more consistently electric and loud sound. That’s okay with me. The “box” has a warning: “This album to be played at full volume for maximum effect.” Noted, implemented.

America's Choice front cover
America’s Choice front cover – I can almost smell the enzymes.
Hot Tuna America's Choice back cover
Hot Tuna America’s Choice back cover
America's Choice sleeve
America’s Choice sleeve
America's Choice label
America’s Choice label

Originally published 5-4-21

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